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Contact Lens Types

Our practitioners at VisionCare Specialists offer an extensive variety of lenses to fulfill every need:

Silicone Hydrogel Lenses allow greater amount of oxygen rich nutrients to reach your eye than traditional soft (hydrogel) contact lenses.  Many patients notice the exceptional comfort of these lenses.  Some silicone hydrogels are replaced monthly, approved by the FDA for extended wear for up to 30 consecutive days and nights, while others are replaced every two weeks and have an approval for up to six consecutive nights.  Many patients do not sleep in silicone hydrogels, but wear them daily because they believe these lenses are more comfortable and healthier than traditional soft (hydrogel) lenses. 

Daily Disposable Lenses are increasing in popularity and are an example of yet another  superior advancement in contact lens products.  These comfortable lenses are thrown away after each use.  Daily disposable lenses are great for patients who wear lenses on a part-time basis, have ocular allergies, or just don’t want to deal with the hassle and expense of solutions.

Disposable Type or Frequent Replacement Lenses
are replaced on a planned schedule, typically every two weeks or every month. Replacement helps prevent buildup of deposits resulting in better comfort, vision, eye health and convenience, in case a lens is lost or torn.

Conventional Daily Wear Lenses are flexible, comfortable lenses
which are replaced annually.

Toric (Astigmatism) Lenses provide excellent clarity for patients with astigmatism.  Astigmatic patients require a contact lens with more than one prescription in the same lens.  Toric lenses accomplish this and are available in both disposable and conventional lenses.

Color Lenses can change the eye color for those with dark eyes, as well as for the enhancement of those with light colored eyes.  Colors are also available in disposable, conventional, as well as toric designs.

Gas Permeable Lenses are firm lenses that allow oxygen to pass through. They provide crisp, clear vision.

Bifocal Contact Lenses provide vision for distance and near in one lens.  They are available in both gas permeable and soft materials.

Speciality Contact Lenses are available for patients with special needs,
such as keratoconus or physical eye damage.

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