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Eyeglass Lens Designs
VisionCare Specialists offers a wide variety of lens designs and materials to fulfill any requirement of daily living or recreation.  Our expert staff will educate you on each type available and help you decide which lens is appropriate for your needs.


Single Vision lenses provide vision at one point.  They can be
used for either distance, intermediate or near correction.

Progressives (No-line) Multifocals are designed to correct for distance (driving a vehicle), intermediate (computer viewing) and near (reading a magazine) by simply adjusting your head position. Because there is no visible line, progressives are the most cosmetically desirable multifocal.

Office Lenses are similar to progressive multifocals,
but the top portion is set for your computer monitor, as opposed to distance. These "ergonomic" lenses eliminate the need to raise your head and neck to find the narrow viewing area in your everyday progressives for your monitor.  Just as carpenters need the right tools for the job, Office Lenses are increasing in popularity and becoming necessary with our daily computer use.

Lined Bifocals corrects vision at two distances.  The
“line” is visible and the viewing areas are large.

Lined Trifocals are similar to the lined bifocals and
have an additional area for intermediate use.

Safety Lenses can be customized for any occupation, recreation or sport.  Safety is key, so tough, highly impact-resistant lenses are used.
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