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Eyeglass Lens Materials

Photochromatic lenses conveniently darken as you go outdoors and lighten indoors. Photochromatics have
improved in their darkening and lightening
Because they absorb UV rays,
they are recommended for everyone, regardless of age.


High Index lenses
are considered to be the best because they have fewer optical distortions than other lens types. Their thin lens profile makes them cosmetically desirable, especially with higher prescriptions. High index lenses are scratch resistant and provide UV protection. 


Polycarbonate Lenses are safety lenses because they are impact resistant.  They are recommended to anyone needing eye protection, as well as everyone under the age of 18.  Polycarbonate lenses are lighter and thinner than standard plastic lenses. They also are scratch resistant and provide UV protection.

Plastic Lenses are basic lenses that are not impact resistant.  They are lighter than glass lenses, and can be tinted to almost any shade or color.  All treatments, such as UV protection and scratch resistance, are additional.

Glass lenses are more scratch-resistance than plastic.  They feel much heavier on the face, so they are not as popular as plastic.


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