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Eyeglass Lens Treatments 

Non-Glare Treatments or Anti-Reflective (AR) Coatings let you see more clearly. They reduce annoying glare and eye fatigue, particularly while viewing computer screens and driving at night, by removing distracting reflections.


Ultraviolet Protection on lenses accomplishes the same thing as sunscreen on your skin – it shields your eyes from harmful ultraviolet rays.  The sun’s ultraviolet rays can affect your lids, intraocular lenses and retinas.

Scratch-Resistant Coatings
help protect your lenses from surface scratches but do not make your lenses scratch proof. 


Polarized lenses alter light rays to reduce glare from reflective
surfaces such as the hood of your car or water surfaces.

Lens Tints can either be solid, gradient (darker on top fading to clear on bottom) or mirror.  Tints can help reduce glare from computers and the sun or tints can just provide a desired cosmetic appearance to your glasses.

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