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Fashion Eyewear


Our opticians will use their expertise to find eyewear
  to fill all your vision needs and enhance your lifestyle.

Our office features nearly 1,000 frames, which are updated every three months by the frames reps.  Our variety of designer frames include:








All our designer frames come with a manufacturer's warranty, as they stand behind their quality.

Everyone should own a nice pair of glasses to back-up
their glasses or contact lenses in case of an emergency.


After choosing a frame, our opticians will use their years of
experience and latest training to select the appropriate lenses.
You will be educated on topics such as photochromatic lenses (lenses which darken in the sun), progressive lenses (standard to custom), thin and light lenses (polycarb to high index) and occupational lenses (computer usage).  We’ll inform you of the various lens treatments from non-glare to UV protection.


Also remember, frames are a part of our wardrobe and can make
a very powerful statement about your personality.
  Keep them
updated and look your best.

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