Caring for Your Glasses

Follow these helpful tips to prolong the life of your glasses

1.  Always keep your glasses in a case when you are not wearing them.

2.  Never lay your lenses directly on any hard or abrasive surface that could cause scratches.

3.  Use two hands when putting on or removing your glasses.

4.  Clean your glasses and frames daily with a drop of "dish soap" to lather each lens.  Then run your frame under warm water to remove the soap.  Now hold your frame by the two temple tips and gently shake the frame to remove the excess water.  Your lenses can now be wiped dry with a soft cloth.  Avoid using kleenex or paper towels, as these products have fibers that will eventually scratch your lenses.

5.  To avoid scratching, never wipe your lenses when they are completely dry, unless you use one of our lens cleaning cloths.

6. We'll be happy to adjust your glasses periodically.  Screws can loosen over time and your fit can change too.

7. If your glasses break, don't try to repair them yourself.  Bring them in to us and, if possible, we will be happy to fix them.