Contact Lenses

Being fit with contact lenses is not a one time purchase by you, but an on-going  commitment from us

Our eye doctors must perform a comprehensive eye examination and then do an additional contact lens fitting to determine the appropriate lens for each individual’s eyes.  Each brand of contact lenses are made from different materials and depending on the lens parameters, fits differently from eye to eye.  A proper fit depends on each patient’s refractive power, corneal steepness, amount of astigmatism, and many other factors.  Only after wearing your lenses for several weeks can we be certain we have achieved the best fit for your eyes, so your follow-up visits are very important.  

Contact Lens Types

Si-Hy or Silicone Hydrogel Contact Lenses

 Silicone Hydrogel Lenses allow greater amount of oxygen rich nutrients to reach your eye than traditional soft (hydrogel) contact lenses.  Many patients notice the exceptional comfort of these lenses.  Some silicone hydrogels are replaced monthly, approved by the FDA for extended wear for up to 30 consecutive days and nights, while others are replaced every two weeks and have an approval for up to six consecutive nights.  Many patients do not sleep in silicone hydrogels, but wear them daily because they believe these lenses are more comfortable and healthier than traditional soft (hydrogel) lenses.

Daily or Single Use Contact Lenses

 Daily Disposable Lenses are increasing in popularity and are an example of yet another  superior advancement in contact lens products.  These comfortable lenses are thrown away after each use.  Daily disposable lenses are great for patients who wear lenses on a part-time basis, have ocular allergies, or just don’t want to deal with the hassle and expense of solutions. 

Astigmatism (Toric) Contact Lenses


Astigmatism (Toric) Lenses provide excellent clarity for patients with astigmatism.  Astigmatic patients require a contact lens with more than one prescription in the same lens.  Toric lenses accomplish this and are available in both disposable and conventional lenses.

Multi-focal Contact Lenses

Multifocal Contact Lenses provide vision for distance, intermediate and near in one lens.  They are available in both gas permeable and soft materials.

Color Changing and Specialty Contact Lenses

Color contact lenses can change the eye color for those with dark eyes, as well as for the enhancement of those with light colored eyes.  Colors are also available in disposable, conventional, as well as toric designs. 

 Speciality Contact Lenses are available for patients with special needs,
such as keratoconus or physical eye damage.

Gas Permeable Contact Lenses

Gas Permeable Lenses are the current "hard" lenses but allow oxygen to pass through more easily than the older hard contacts. They provide crisp, clear vision and are available in various designs.

Contact Lens Follow-up


Contact lenses are  medical devices worn on the eye that can potentially cause serious eye health complications.  Some of these more serious complications may lead to permanent loss of vision.  This is why it is extremely important that contact lens wearers have evaluations at least every year.

Here at VisionCare Specialists, the health of your eyes is our number one priority, and we will provide you with the proper fitting and ongoing care of your contact lenses.

 Frequently the difference between success and failure for a contact lens patient is the care received after the lenses are fit. 


A Note about Contact Lenses and the Internet...

We would like to sincerely thank all of our patients who order their contacts through our office.  We understand that most patients view a box of contacts as a box of contacts and they can get them anywhere.  Many patients tell us they order from us out of gratitude and respect for providing superior knowledge and service and they want to make sure our office is available to them for years to come.  Thank you again.  We want our patients to know we are here for you year round.  This type of service isn't available on-line.

We make every effort to offer the same or similar pricing on contact lenses as 1-800Contacts and Walmart.  We offer the same manufacturer's rebates, but often have an additional rebate on the "fitting" which can not be redeemed at an on-line retailer, further reducing your costs.

Research suggests that the main reason most people shop on-line for contact lenses is for the convenience of home delivery.  We also offer direct to patient shipping, and it is free when ordering greater than a 6 month supply of lenses.  

There may be less reputable websites offering cheaper prices, be careful of hidden fees (shipping, handling, membership, single box pricing, return, etc) as well as credit card fraud/identity theft.